Designing a robust, durable and efficient hydraulic hose system for heavy equipment or demanding industrial environments is a challenge. Simply put, there are just too many variables and unknowns at play.
The traditional trial-and-error process to test a hydraulic system before deploying it in the field is both a time-
and cost-consuming endeavour.

Not anymore.

HydraSpecma SimSystems will get your hose routing optimised from day one.

HydraSpecma Test Centre

HydraSpecma Test Centre; where our experienced engineers test component characteristics through
our advanced testing equipment, mathematical calculations and analysis. The testing equipment is designed
and created for the soul purpose to measure bending stiffness and torsional stiffness in flexible segments.
That means SimSystems can offer you exclusive know-how information about your own hose system
which you did not know before.

Through testing we expand and increase our knowledge of hose segment behaviour.
For example, the characteristic difference between pressurised and non-pressurised hose segment,
and what type of forces emerges in motion trajectories.

HydraSpecma Test Centre offers a wide range of testing:

  • Pressure testing: ISO 1402
  • Flex impulse testing: ISO 8032
  • Impulse testing: ISO 6803
  • Corrosion testing: ISO 9227

Through close co-operation with external laboratories we can also offer advanced testing e.g. cold testing.
Having this knowledge in-house enables us to evaluate and develop components and deliver to our customers
high expectations.


All these advantages

These advantages will guide and assist you, in ensuring that your application performs at its best,
with maximum hose system life length.

We at HydraSpecma SimSystems have listened and attended to our customers’ needs.
Our collaborative way of working leaves our customers with enhanced knowledge about their own hose system.